COMMENTARY: ‘What time is the game?’ I miss being asked that, Morley Scott says

It’s been almost a month since anyone has asked me, “What time is the game tonight?” I miss that.

It’s been several weeks since I gave an actual score on a sportscast. I miss that.

It’s been almost three weeks since I have seen my grandson. He is not even a month old yet. I miss him.

‪Hey Guys – meet Milo. He is my new best friend and my grandson ‬

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It’s been over two weeks since I have seen Chelsea Bird and Shaye Ganam, the two people I work closest with at 630 CHED. I miss them.

I miss the very peaceful 4 a.m. drive to work. I miss conversations. I miss the nods and hellos you give to people as you pass them in the hallway. I miss hanging out and sharing laughs at the reception desk with Michele and whoever walks by.

They call it isolation because … well, you are isolated.

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I miss talking about sports. Real sports.

I still get my three minutes every half hour on 630 CHED Mornings with Chelsea and Shaye to do that — but it’s different. Sports is different right now. At this time in our lives, there are much more important things happening, and yes more important than “the game.” Through my 30 years of being a sportscaster, that has never happened for me.

I’m like you right now, trying to make the best of my “new normal,” hoping this will all end as soon as possible.

We all need encouragement. So do that. Family, friends or strangers, when you are in contact with any of them, encourage them. Look them in the eye, say “Hi,” say “Thank you,” and ask if you can do anything for them. It shouldn’t be that tough.

A special thanks to the first responders of this pandemic — the doctors, nurses and all health care workers. We will never, ever know what they are going through. A special shout out to all those who work in a grocery store. Putting up with a slightly scared and crazed public is tough. I am sorry that we do what we do sometimes. I hope that some day, the toilet paper thing can be explained.

In the meantime, listen to 630 CHED, watch TV, listen to music, read a book, play some board games, empty your Netflix queue and maybe try to figure out what TikTok is. Also, don’t forget to go for a walk and get some exercise and fresh air. Look after yourselves and look after your friends and family.

We are all in this together — separately.

I hope that very soon I can talk to you all about what time the game is, and give you a score or two.

Stay safe.

Morley Scott is the play-by-play voice of the Edmonton Eskimos on 630 CHED and provides updates from the sports desk during 630 CHED Mornings with Chelsea Bird and Shaye Ganam.

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