Opinion | The ‘Horrifying Events’ at the Capitol

To the Editor:

Re “Mob Storms Capitol, Inflamed by Angry Trump Speech” (nytimes.com, Jan. 6):

I am writing this while watching in abject horror a literal insurrection staged by thousands of President Trump’s maniacal supporters who have stormed the Capitol. This violent protest is the direct result of Mr. Trump firing up his base with baldfaced lies and conspiracy theories about the election he clearly lost.

Mr. Trump is joined by seditious traitors in Congress, like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and over 100 House members who were in the process of challenging the certified results of the election. Mr. Trump is guilty of sedition at the least, and treason at the worst.

This should mark the end of the Trump presidency, before he can cause more damage. Mike Pence should call the Cabinet together and invoke the 25th Amendment.

Henry A. Lowenstein
Newport, R.I.

To the Editor:

The horrifying events in our nation’s capital on Wednesday are the direct result of the actions of the Republicans in Congress. All of them.

For four long years, I have been waiting to hear members of Congress take this president to task for his very outrageous actions, many of which were clearly meant to undermine our government. That deafening silence has culminated in Wednesday’s attack on our democracy.

There is blood on your hands, Republicans, the whole lot of you. Your cowardice during the four years of the Trump show needs to be shown for exactly what it is. Your overt approval has resulted in the chaos and danger that we are now watching unfold on TV.

Jane Carlin
Stamford, Conn.

To the Editor:

I am extremely alarmed at the events taking place in Washington as a mob of Trump supporters have stormed the Capitol. This is unacceptable. Peaceful, unarmed Black protesters have repeatedly been tear-gassed and shot at by the police over the past several years, but a group of violent armed white men, insurrectionists attempting to overthrow the presidential election, were allowed to run roughshod in the nation’s capital? The double standard is monstrous.

The Republican Party has spent decades parroting the line that it is the party of law and order, but it has repeatedly stood back and done nothing in the face of President Trump’s unlawful activities, his authoritarian fantasies and now his attempted coup.

Action needs to be taken against these domestic terrorists, and their cowardly, selfish enablers in the G.O.P. must be held accountable for their complicity in pouring gasoline on the fires of Mr. Trump’s insane conspiracy theories.

Benjamin Herman
Ridgewood, Queens

To the Editor:

To quote F.D.R. after the Pearl Harbor attack, Jan. 6, 2021, is “a date which will live in infamy.” It will take decades for America to live down this disgrace to our democracy. No enemy of America could do more damage to our country than has been done on this day — with the encouragement and support of the president of the United States.

Ira Belsky
Franklin Lakes, N.J.

To the Editor:

After the actions Wednesday by both some legislators and the mob, no one should have any doubt that we must pass a constitutional amendment rescinding both the Electoral College and the Second Amendment. For our nation’s security, we need to elect the president directly, and we need to disarm civilians.

Winnie Boal

To the Editor:

Why was security so thin to allow protesters first onto the steps, but even worse, inside the actual Capitol building?

This is insanity! Everyone knew that the Trump loonies were going to come out of the woodwork on Wednesday. Why was this allowed to happen?!

Eric Berg
Dearborn Heights, Mich.

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