Avoid nasty financial surprises with easy tips from The Woke Salaryman video series

When a critical event happens – like planning a wedding, paying for medical treatment, or expecting a child – you reach for your wallet. It is often at a time like this that people realise that they have paid little attention to planning their finances. 

To help people avoid nasty financial surprises, animated four-episode video series The Woke Salaryman explains important financial concepts and gives tips on how to manage your savings, income, and investments. Simple and quirky, the videos make financial advice easy to understand.     

The video series is commissioned by Singapore Press Holdings in partnership with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) under IMDA’s Public Service Content Fund, to support Singapore’s media industry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Woke Salaryman videos were created by production company Zhao Wei Films, animation studio Finding Pictures and the team behind web comic series The Woke Salaryman.

The popular web comic series, which started in April 2019, aims to promote financial literacy. Currently, it has more than 400,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram. 

Why You Should Care About Managing Money | The Woke Salaryman | Ep 1

Some people feel that they could never be good at money, so why bother? The Woke Salaryman explores how you can establish a good relationship with money. 

How To ‘Money’ Properly | The Woke Salaryman | Ep 2

How can you start to grow your money? What has video game Dota got to do with money? Here are the “how-tos” on earning, saving, and investing. 

The Importance Of Mindset | The Woke Salaryman | Ep 3

You want financial freedom. But are you ready to take the red pill? It’s time to be realistic and get rid of mindsets that limit what you can achieve. 

Going Against The Grain | The Woke Salaryman | Ep 4

Find out how busting the old myths of finance and going against conventional wisdom can reap rewards. 

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