Creatives Join Beirut Re-Store to Raise Money for Lebanon

LONDON — More than 100 fashion designers and artists have donated artworks and objects to Beirut Re-Store, an online marketplace selling a selection of art and design objects to raise money for the blast devastated Lebanon.

The e-store, which went live on Friday, features limited-edition photographs, paintings, sculptures, apparel, jewelry, publications and objects from Jonathan Anderson, Brianna Capozzi, Walid Al Damirji, Roe Ethridge, Haas Brothers, Jamie Hawkesworth, Tyrone Lebon, M/M (Paris), Rafael Pavarotti, John Pawson, Julie Verhoeven, Grace Wales Bonner, Fay Wei Wei and more, with price ranging from $15 to $15,000.

Sunflower by Jamie Hawkesworth will be sold the online marketplace Beirut Re-Store Courtesy

Founded by French-Lebanese sisters Laura and Sophie Tabet, alongside Ulysse Sabbagh, and in partnership with fellow Lebanese creatives Flavie Audi and Emilie Kareh, Beirut Re-Store will add stock weekly and run until early January.

Laura Tabet said they have been humbled by the number of people that have come forward and answered the call to help Lebanon.

“In these dark times, it’s deeply heartening to witness the artistic community coming together to create a movement that is beyond politics and beyond borders,” she added.

Through the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020, money raised from store sales will be disbursed with full transparency to vetted NGOs according to the most pressing needs, which include Shelter and Rehabilitation for households, SMEs, Medical and Mental Health.

Artwork by Thomas Sauvin will be sold the online marketplace Beirut Re-Store Courtesy

At the end of October, Beirut Re–Store will also launch a collection of bespoke items with fashion brands including Dior, Alaïa, Jean Paul Gaultier, Asai, Supriya Lele, and Heron Preston, in collaboration with non-profit organization Creatives For Lebanon, founded by Caroline Issa, Sabine Getty, Eli Rezkallah, and more as a response to the Beirut explosion on Aug. 4.

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