Huawei ready to be 'vivisected' to show equipment does not pose security risks

FILE PHOTO: A surveillance camera is seen in front of a Huawei logo in Belgrade, Serbia, August 12, 2020. Picture taken August 12, 2020. REUTERS/Marko Djurica

ROME (Reuters) – China’s Huawei is ready to be thoroughly examined to show that its technology does not pose any risk to the countries that will include its equipment in the creation of 5G networks, the head of its Italian unit said on Wednesday.

“We will open our insides, we are available to be vivisected to respond to all of this political pressure…,” President Luigi De Vecchis said at the opening ceremony of the group’s cyber-security centre in Rome.

De Vecchis said that, despite all the pressure, the company had no intention of leaving the Italian market and that he was unaware of issues over the closing of any 5G deals in Italy due to the government’s use of its so-called golden powers on infrastructure deemed as strategic.

The United States has lobbied Italy and other European allies to avoid using Huawei equipment in their next generation networks, saying the company could pose a security risk. Huawei rejects those charges.

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