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They Are Wearing: Shanghai Fashion Week Spring 2021

Giveon says that while fashion hasn’t sparked any inspiration for his music, it is something he considers when he is creating a new project. “Fashion means a lot to me because it helps me tell a story,” said Giveon. “For example, if I’m shooting for a project, the look I’m wearing lets you know what’s going on before anything else. I wouldn’t say fashion sparked any inspiration for the music. I would say it’s the other way around.”

Giveon has over 50 million streams combined on Spotify. Courtesy Image.

Still, fashion is definitely an area that the artist has his sights set on for his future.

“First, I want to establish myself as an artist,” said Giveon. “Second I want to expand into fashion. Fortunately for me an artist like Kanye West has already paved the way for someone like me to be taken seriously as an artist while being respected in the world of fashion.”

“At the moment My favorite designers are Rick Owens and Kerby Jean-Raymond,” said Giveon. “Rick Owens for the way he approaches patterns and fabrics and Kerby for his innovation and the way he approaches design.”

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