The Week in Business: Facebook Cracks Down

By Charlotte Cowles

Happy Sunday, and hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Here’s what you need to know in business and tech news for the week ahead. — Charlotte Cowles

What’s Up? (Oct. 11-17)

Taking a Stand

Facebook and Twitter drew a fresh wave of Republican ire this past week in blocking and limiting the spread of a New York Post article that contained unsubstantiated rumors about Hunter Biden, son of the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. After President Trump accused the platforms (as he has for years) of intentionally suppressing conservative news outlets that support him, Twitter eventually caved, allowing the article’s content to be shared. The social media companies are fighting an uphill battle against the spread of misinformation leading up to Election Day, and scrambling to deploy more aggressive tactics as a result. It’s a particularly sharp turn for Facebook, which has often been criticized for being too slow and light-handed in removing potentially dangerous content.

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