Adams 14 board tries again to cut ties with management company

By Yesenia Robles, Chalkbeat Colorado

The Adams 14 school board voted Tuesday night to end its contract with its management company, prompting the State Board of Education on Wednesday to reconsider more drastic actions to improve the district.

It’s the second time the local board has attempted this school year to cut ties with the company that has control over the district under a state order. The State Board of Education forced the district to take the company back after the first attempt, pulling Adams 14’s accreditation for a few days. But the State Board left the door open to end the relationship if the district went through a process to show the state it had good cause.

Even though both MGT leaders and the district’s superintendent have made public statements about their willingness to work together, tensions only have continued to escalate. The district paid a consultant to do a fiscal audit of MGT’s spending, and MGT directed an investigation into employees allegedly being told to lie to those fiscal auditors. And last week the district filed a lawsuit against MGT claiming the company is violating open records laws by not sharing documents about the investigation it directed.

Meanwhile, the district has withheld releasing results of the fiscal audit.


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