Covid 19 Coronavirus: Hopes community cases remain at two as Cantabrians urged to keep tabs on movements as

The focus remains on Christchurch as residents wait for results of community testing to see if the covid infection in two healthcare workers at a managed isolation facility has spread.

The Ministry of Health is due to release the latest infection tally at 1pm.

Yesterday there were two new cases of Covid-19 in managed isolation with 67 active cases in New Zealand.There were no new community cases.

The most recent infections included a traveller who arrived from Singapore and a person who joined a family member in managed isolation who had previously tested positive for Covid.

But it is the latest Christchurch outbreak that has the southern community on edge.

Hundreds of people turned out to testing stations this week after it was revealed two female healthcare staff working at the Sudima Christchurch Airport where hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian seaman were in managed isolation had contracted Covid.

A decision is still to be made when the fishing crew would be allowed to leave the facility. Midweek it was announced the men would likely finish their lengthened stay in quarantine on Friday.

Yesterday health officials said this depended on investigations into the community spread that linked one case directly with crew members.

Genomic testing of a woman in her 50s who tested positive for covid was the same strain as five of the sick crewmen.

The results of genomic testing of a second sick worker, a woman in her 20s, were still being sought.

With a fresh community outbreak scare in the garden city Cantabrians have been lining up at testing stations this week. An additional site was set up at Princess Margaret Hospitalcatering to the surge in demand.

It was revealed the two health workers had visited a Countdown supermarket and chemist shop while infectious with people who had been in the stores at the same time urged by health officials to get a test.

Yesterday the Unite Against Covid website urged people, including those in Christchurch, to stay home if sick, use the dedicated government tracer app to record movement and wear a mask on public transport.

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