Andrew Neil forecasts summer leadership contest as Tories look to oust Boris Johnson

Andrew Neil forecasts Tory 'summer leadership contest'

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Andrew Neil has ripped into the Prime Minister, warning Boris Johnson that the Tory MPs are ready to force him out in the summer as he tipped Liz Truss as a likely replacement. The prominent Scottish journalist stressed that Mr Johnson has only got himself to blame for his demise, claiming the Tories have reservations about him due to his failure to carry himself in an exemplary way. In an interview with LBC broadcaster Nick Ferrari, he said that Mr Johnson’s time as Conservative Leader could be up as early as next summer, not least if his blunders keep portraying his Tories, who “have had enough” of him in a bad light who.

For Mr Neil, the upcoming elections in May will decide his fate as he said that Liz Truss clearly fancies her chances. 

He said: “The bluster, the dissembling over Party Gate, wallpaper in the apartment.

“People have just had enough.

‘If the polls continue to show a solid level lead through January, February, March into April.

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“But if the May local elections are bad for the Tories then I’d say you would wanna start pencilling in a summer leadership contest.

“And Liz Truss clearly fancies her chances.

“But there will be others unknown thrown into the ring as well.

Mr Neil also criticised his handling of the Owen Paterson case with the Conservative Leader refusing to acknowledge that he had broken lobbying rules at first.

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He took no prisoners in his assessment of Mr Johnson, reprimanding him for not allowing Mr Paterson to take the punishment he warranted.

And then accused him that it was his fault that the former MP got fired.

He said: “What really rankles among Tory MPs is this entirely self-inflicted.

“If he had allowed Paterson to take the punishment that was due to him we would have woken up this morning with Patterson still Tory MP for North Shropshire with the majority of 23,000.


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“The only reason that is not the case is because of Boris Johnson and his interventions.”

Mr Johnson was in favour of saving Mr Paterson from a 30-day suspension from the House of Commons despite the fact that the latter had clearly overstepped the mark.

He urged Conservative MPs not to inflict any punishment on Mr Patterson but admitted two weeks later that it may have “helped a bit” if he had acknowledged earlier that done something wrong.

He admitted in November: “I think it was a very sad case but I think there’s no question that he had fallen foul of the rules on paid advocacy as far as I can see from the report.”

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