Andrew Neil warns Donald Trump ‘laying ground’ for election chaos in damning prediction

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Former BBC presenter Andrew Neil has warned Joe Biden that Donald Trump has been “laying the ground” to dismiss mail-in votes. He explained that the US President encouraged his supporters to vote on the day which would give a result on the day. Mr Neil claimed that Mr Trump needs to win Florida to remain President.

Speaking to BBC Two’s Politics Live, Mr Neil said: “It’s essential for Donald Trump to win Florida otherwise there really is no route to the White House.

“Joe Biden obviously wants to win it but he can afford to lose it and still get to the White House.”

Asked when the world is likely to know who won the election, he added: “We just don’t know.

“This is a very unusual election and will be even more unusual.

“If the swing states are close like Pennsylvania, they don’t start counting the mail-in votes or the early in-person votes until the polls close today.

“We’re talking millions here. The Secretary of State for Pennsylvania has been saying that it could be three, four into the weekend before we know for sure.

“That’s if it’s close. If we know someone is ahead we can make a calculation and project who we think had won even though all the counting is not done.

“But if it’s close it will take some time and that won’t be the end of it.”

Mr Neil went on to explain Mr Trump is laying the ground for a contested election.

He said: “The people who voted earlier are more likely to be Democrat and more likely to have voted for Mr Biden.

“The people who vote on the day are more likely to be for Donald Trump.

“He’s told them to vote on the day because he can’t trust them any other way.


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“These are the votes that will be counted earlier because it’s still largely machine voting, you don’t have to count every individual ballot paper.

“You get a result on the day very quickly and there is a chance in swing states like Florida or Pennsylvania where on the day Donald Trump will look like he has won.

“It’s only what they call the Blue Wave that will come in the days to come where they count the mail-ins and the in-person votes that happened early that suddenly Mr Biden is moving in.

“What the President is doing there is laying the ground to say, ‘these votes don’t count as much, they could be more easily fiddled. The only votes that count are on the day’.”

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