Angela Rayner explodes at Boris after latest Christmas party leak: Complete disregard

PMQs: Boris Johnson clashes with Angela Rayner

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Downing Street staff were invited to a drinks party in the Number 10 garden – during the height of lockdown in May 2020 – to “make the most of the lovely weather”.

An email seen by ITV News showed Mr Johnson’s Principal Private Secretary Martin Reynolds telling over 100 Number 10 employees to “bring your own booze”.

Writing on Twitter, the deputy leader of the Labour Party said: “Boris Johnson has complete disregard for the rules he sets.

“While he was partying, frontline workers were putting themselves at risk, NHS staff were on the frontline and too many of us lost loved ones and couldn’t say a proper goodbye.”

According to ITV News, around 40 staff, including Mr Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson, gathered in the garden, eating picnic food and drinking alcohol.

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