BBC bias row as MP lays into Beeb over Boris migrant coverage – ‘What balance is this?’

BBC's Adler warns EU to spiral into new migrant crisis

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Michael Fabricant – who calls himself a “socially liberal” politician – blasted the publicly-funded corporation’s coverage of the ongoing spat between France and the UK. Emmanuel Macron’s Government has engaged in a war of words with Boris Johnson’s administration after 27 people died trying to make the crossing on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister published a letter calling on the French to take back migrants who cross the English Channel to discourage others from making the perilous journey.

Mr Macron reacted angrily and accused Mr Johnson of not being “serious” by making the call on Twitter.

The MP for Lichfield criticised the BBC over its coverage and claimed that it failed to include accusations the French “lacked diplomacy”.

He tweeted: “And look how @BBCNews handles this!

“Starts with the premise, #Boris is wrong according to the presenter, then Macron quote, then #Labour Shadow!

“What balanced approach is this?

“No mention of French lack of diplomacy.”

His post quickly attracted reactions from other social media users.

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Chris Henry said: “Really expect any different?

“It’s the @BBC for gawd sake.

“They only recruit through The Guardian.

“Wouldn’t know a northern working town if one actually mysteriously appeared in Hyde Park!”

A user named Malcolm wrote: “When was the last time the BBC actually and unreservedly supported British interests?

“It was unguarded in its reporting as far back as the Falklands War.

“Its claim to be the national public service broadcaster has rung very hollow for years. Very well then; just defund it.”

In his letter, Mr Johnson called for immediate work on a policy of returning migrants who reach the UK to France.

This would come alongside talks to establish a UK-EU returns agreement.

Mr Macron shot down the letter – and even disinvited Home Secretary Priti Patel from scheduled talks on Sunday aimed at resolving the problem.

He said: “I spoke two days ago with Prime Minister Johnson in a serious way.

“For my part, I continue to do that, as I do with all countries and all leaders. I am surprised by methods when they are not serious.

“We do not communicate from one leader to another on these issues by tweets and letters that we make public. We are not whistleblowers.” has contacted the BBC for comment.

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