BBC host dismantles SNP plot to secure IndyRef2 over instability

Scotland: Gray grilled on 'further insecurity' over independence bid

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SNP Minister Neil Gray was put on the spot over the timing of Scottish independence, as the United Kingdom is feeling the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed only independence will allow Scotland to rid itself of the economic chaos created by Westminster. But The Nine’s political correspondent Lynsey Bews questioned whether Scotland could afford more uncertainty at this critical juncture.

The Nine’s presenter asked: “Nicola Sturgeon pointed to the instability that we’re seeing in Westminster at the moment.

“But do you think the answer to that instability is further insecurity and instability, which she acknowledged would come from the route to any potential independence?

“She acknowledged it was not going to be easy. 

“Do you think that’s what people would want at the moment?”

MSP Neil Gray defended: “What the First Minister acknowledged was that there was going to be a challenge with independence. 

“Every nation, every independent nation around the world is facing challenges – of course, there are. 

“But what independence does is it gives the opportunity, the powers, the tools to be able to chart our own course; to be able to set our own priorities and our own policy objectives that would meet Scotland’s needs rather than what we’re facing at the moment. 

“We have very little choice, very little power to be able to deal with the economic mismanagement that we’re seeing from Westminster.”

Ms Gray cited all the reasons that are holding Scotland back from unleashing its full economic potential like Brexit and Liz Truss’ economic policies.

“We’re seeing Brexit, we’re seeing the absolute recklessness of a UK Government economic policy that’s going to cost the people across Scotland not just now or in the short term but in the long term. 

“It’s going to cost all of us dear. 

“So, we cannot longer afford to be part of this union. We need independence, it’s absolutely essential to be able to chart our own course.”

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Nicola Sturgeon, one of the leading figures in the fight for independence, has used the economic fallout of Westminster’s mini-budget to make her case for a second independence referendum. 

Laying out the economic case for an independent Scotland, the First Minister said the nation would break free from the pound, which dropped to an all-time low against the dollar, to set up its own currency. 

The SNP leader is now taking her battle for independence in the Supreme Court in a bid to override Westminster and hold a second independence referendum with a view to joining the European Union.

If the court greenlights the referendum, an independence vote could be held on October 19 next year.

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