Biden axes trade tariffs to EU in gushing speech Closest of friends – Remainers gloat

President Biden struggling to get support says climate chief

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Joe Biden announced in a speech at the end of the G20 Summit in Rome the US and the European Union had agreed to a carbon-based arrangement on aluminium and steel. President Biden also confirmed tariffs introduced on such traded goods under his predecessor Donald Trump in 2018 would be removed. Mr Biden remarked the deal with the “closest of friends” marked an important step in the US’ relationship with the bloc.

Biden has sought to mend fences with EU allies after Trump’s “America First” presidency to more broadly confront China’s state-driven economic practices that led to massive excess production capacity in steel that has flooded global markets.

Under the new agreement, to run for two years, the Trump-era tariffs will remain but only for imports of the metals exceeding set quotas.

European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis, who oversees trade for the 27-nation bloc, described the deal as a pause rather than an end to the dispute.

“It’s a major step in the right direction… but it’s really not the final destination, which should be complete withdrawal of the tariffs,” he told a media briefing.

The deal should also bring to an end EU retaliatory tariffs on products ranging from U.S. bourbon to Harley Davidson motorbikes. The EU had planned to double many of the tariffs in December.

However, the announcement sparked an immediate reaction from Remainers pointing out the new agreement signalled a step back for Brexit Britain.

Twitter user @PifflePatter said: “Biden giving a statement about the tariffs deal the US has struck with the EU and the strength of “our partnership”, stressing what “unites us” as “the closest of friends”.

“I’m old enough to remember when Brexit Britain was going be at the front of the queue etc…#G20”

Julie Street said: “Just listening to Biden’s G20 speech ….. at least 4 times he has mentioned the partnership between the US and EU.

“Thanks to this Govt we are now officially out in the cold, irrelevant and f***ed. #JohnsonOut.”

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