Blackford left fuming as Boris mocks SNPs Russia Today links Bit much from you!

PMQs: Blackford shut down by Boris with Salmond swipe

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The SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said “under the Tories a sewer of dirty Russian money has been allowed to run through London for years”. Mr Blackford said the SNP stands united against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and there needs to be “tougher and stronger sanctions”.

He said: “I went to the Prime Minister, the then foreign secretary in 2017, and I raised the issue of limited partnerships, 113 of which have been used to move 20.8 billion dollars out of Russian banks.

“Corruption on an industrial scale.

“Why did the Prime Minister do nothing back then and why is he still doing nothing now?”

The Prime Minister said he was grateful for the question being raised and Mr Blackford was “right” to raise the issue back then and “right on the issue”, adding: “We do need to stop corrupt Russian money in London and every other financial capital.

“That’s why we have already taken the steps that we have taken but we are going much further to uncloak the true owners of Russia companies and Russian properties in this country. And high time.

“No country is doing more than the UK to tackle this issue.”

Mr Johnson continued: “I think his indignation is a bit coming from his own Alex Salmond as a leading presenter on Russia Today which the leader of the Opposition has just called on this country to ban.”

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