Boris Johnson approval ratings: PM takes a battering for handling of COVID – latest polls

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Following landslide defeat against Jeremy Corbyn in December, Boris Johnson looked set for an impressive premiership, taking Brexit as his bastion and vowing to fulfil the referendum result of 2016. However, the latest polls show support for Mr Johnson is waining considerably as coronavirus returns for its second wave across the UK.

The Prime Minister’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has been panned widely by politicians and the public, and the looming Brexit deadline has further contributed to a decline in popularity.

Labour is now ahead for the first time since July 2019 when Theresa May’s time in office was coming to a close.

The survey by Opinium for The Observer newspaper gave Labour a three-point-lead over the Tories, with 42 percent, compared to 39 percent.

The poll also found 55 percent of voters think Sir Keir Starmer is ready to lead the country while 40 percent also believe Labour is equipped to form the next government.

The poll also found 55 percent of voters think Sir Keir Starmer is ready to lead the country while 40 percent also believe Labour is equipped to form the next government.

Other polls from this year show the Prime Minister has failed to impress the British public with his coronavirus response.

A YouGov poll for Sky News conducted in June found 51 percent of Britons believed the Government was handling the crisis poorly.

The latest poll showed that approval for the Johnson administration’s handling of COVID-19 had dropped to an abysmal 30 percent.

Mr Johnson has been criticised from all angles for his management of COVID-19 and leading Britain to an almost certain no-deal Brexit this year.

Some 42,000 people have died from the virus so far throughout the UK, the highest death toll in Europe.

Sir Keir Starmer took the helm of the Labour Party in April 2020, seeing off competition from Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy.

The polling shows the Government’s incompetence of handling issues such as COVID-19 and Brexit are the reason behind the slump in support, rather than anything the Labour leader has actually done himself.

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Mr Corbyn’s supporters reacted to the new poll by suggesting that “any other leader would be 20 points ahead” – a reference to a comment made by Tony Blair about the former Labour leader in 2017.

Adam Drummond, associate director of Opinium, said: “The Labour Party has finally caught up with its leader in polling.

“While this is the first time since Boris Johnson became prime minister that Labour has been ahead of the Conservatives on vote share, Keir Starmer has had better approval ratings (both raw and net) than the Prime Minister for some time and the two leaders have tended to draw on the question of who would be the better prime minister.

“Now the Labour leader has pulled ahead on that measure as well.

“While there is strong public support for the new COVID restrictions announced by the Government earlier this week, they have not yet resulted in the sort of boost to the Government’s approval rating that the initial lockdown measures brought in March, suggesting that the ‘rally around the flag’ effect was a one-off.”

He added: “While Labour spent most of the 2010-15 parliament with a lead over the Conservatives, Ed Miliband generally trailed David Cameron on approval ratings and preferred Prime Minister.

“This suggests that Labour’s vote share under Starmer is a little more solid – and is why the other really interesting set of numbers to watch over the next few months will be [chancellor] Rishi Sunak’s.”

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