Boris Johnson has three months to get act together as PM faces Tory revolt

Boris Johnson has ‘three months’ to save job says commentator

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The Assistant Editor of the Spectator Isabel Hardman sat down with BBC’s the Nine presenter Martin Geissler to talk about Boris Johnson losing support from Tory MPs. Ms Hardman discussed the possible results of a by-election for the House of Commons constituency of North Shropshire, which is set to take place today. The current prediction is that the Conservative party is the current favourite over the opposition party Labour, as they have denied a deal with the Lib Dems.

Ms Hardman discussed last week’s revelations on the damage that has been caused over recent Downing street party allegations.

Ms Hardman said: “If he loses, things are going to be even more precarious for him than they are at the moment.

“I don’t think we’ll see an influx of letters calling for a vote of no confidence going in this side of Christmas, to the extent that their threshold of the number of letters needed is reached.

“What I do think we will see in the weeks once Parliament returns in the new year is slow attrition of support from the Prime Minister.

“He will probably have to ask his MPs to vote for even more controversial measures on Covid restrictions that they find even more uncomfortable.

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Ms Hardman added: “And we saw last night in the Commons how little support he had in his own party.

“And as you said in your introduction how little trust there is between Conservative MPs and their Prime Minister.

“Now I was talking to one loyal supporter of his, who backed him from the very beginning really.

“Even when it was thought by a lot of people, myself included that he was a no hope in the recent Tory leadership contest.

Boris Johnson faces revolt by North Shropshire voters

“And they were saying they think he’s got about three months to get his act together to get a better operation in No.10.

Ms Hardmand added: “To get a better comms team, to get a grip on what he wants to do in terms of living with Covid.

“The one thing of course is they couldn’t say, is that he can change, because he’s one of those people who just does not change.

“And he was asked about that this evening, at the Covid press conference and he pretty much said no this mans is not for changing and that is the problem MPs are wrestling with.”


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Many of Johnson’s Tory MPs rebelled earlier this week over a vote for Plan B in Parliament, this was the second biggest Tory rebellion with around 100 MPs voting against the new Covid measures.

Deputy leader of the Labour party, Angela Rayner criticised Boris Johnson over recent allegations of Tory MPs breaking lockdown rules last year after the news came to light last week.

Ms Rayner said: “The rules are very clear that if you mislead Parliament, then ministers and the Prime Minister is not above the rules would have to resign. 

“We’ve got a Prime Minister here who, quite frankly, I never felt was fit for office anyway but has proven over the past couple of months he isn’t.

Ms Rayner added: “He’s undermined with Owen Patterson, dodgy contracts, now we’re talking about multiple potential events and parties happening within Number 10 and within his own flat at Number 10.

“He spent the last week after I wrote to the Cabinet Secretary asking for an investigation into the allegations, he spent the week saying, ‘nothing to see here, nothing happened.”

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