Boris Johnson tears apart Labour for having no plan on migrant crisis

Boris Johnson blasts Labour over migrant crossings

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Boris Johnson today ripped into Labour for having no plan to tackle Channel migrant crossings. The former PM made the comments in the Commons as he defended the controversial policy to send asylum seekers on a one-way ticket to Rwanda, which has so far been grounded by legal challenges.

Mr Johnson was cheered by some of his Tory colleagues as he told MPs: “Isn’t it obvious from today’s exchanges that many of those who oppose the UK-Rwanda Migration and Economic Development Partnership have no idea about Rwanda, probably never been there, and are wholly wrong to condescend and to disparage Rwanda in the way that they do.

“And above all, they have not the ghost of an idea about how to solve the problem of cross-channel gangs putting people at risk.

“And the difference between our side and theirs is that we have a plan and they don’t.”

Home Secretary Suella Braverman replied: “My right honourable friend puts it very well and let me put on record my thanks and appreciation to him for all that he has done in trying to fix this incredibly difficult problem, but he’s absolutely right.

“Labour complain and they sit on the sidelines, they criticise and they vote against every measure that we have put forward.

“What I urge them to do is back our Bill, back control over our borders and back the British people.”

It comes as the Government is under intense pressure to get a grip on the issue.

Rishi Sunak set tackling the flow of rubber dinghies from France as one of his top priorities in the run-up to the next general election.

Last year, a record 45,755 made the dangerous journey and so far this year a further 1,442 migrants have crossed the Channel, UK Government figures show.

It comes as No 10 today said there are “no plans” to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) following speculation the Prime Minister could do so if his small boats crackdown faces legal opposition.

Mr Sunak is set to publish legislation designed to stop people from making the perilous crossing.

The Sunday Times quoted an anonymous source as saying that, should the European Court of Human Rights deem the plan unlawful, then the PM would be “willing to reconsider whether being part of the ECHR is in the UK’s long-term interest”.

The source told the newspaper that Mr Sunak, alongside Ms Braverman, will be “pushing the boundaries of what is legally possible, while staying within the ECHR”, with the UK Government plan for halting the boats.

But Downing Street said today: “We will of course comply with all our international obligations, and we are confident the measures being worked through will tackle the problem while being compliant with the ECHR.”

Asked if there are any circumstances in which the UK would consider leaving the ECHR, he replied: “There are no plans for Government to take that approach.”

The comments come after a Tory civil war erupted over the suggestion the UK could threaten to leave the convention.

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