Boris rages at SNPs block on use of native hydrocarbons forcing EU to use Putins gas

PMQs: Blackford shut down over ‘falling’ Scottish education

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The Prime Minister raged at SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford for opposing national sources of energy. Mr Blackford told Commons: “Food banks are warning that people are having to choose their food based on whether they can afford the gas to boil it. Families are having to choose what rooms to heat or whether they can afford to at all.

“Some in the Tory Cabinet clearly believe that better weather means that they can happily sit on their hands and do nothing until next winter.

“They obviously don’t get or don’t care that in many parts of Scotland the weather will barely reach above freezing the next week.

“The Chancellor thinks his £200 loan which is forcing people into energy debt is somehow a solution but it clearly isn’t.

“Before the Prime Minister and his Chancellor go on their Easter holidays will they at the very least turn this loan into a grant and finally put some cash into people’s pockets when they need it right now?”

Mr Johnson replied: “We are doing everything we can. The £9.1million, the Cold Weather Payments.

“He’s right to draw attention to the problem Mr Speaker and we are making a huge investment in supporting people right now and another billion in the Household Support fund to help vulnerable families.

“But when he talks about the cost of energy in Scotland, how absolutely preposterous that the SNP should still be opposed to the use of any of our native hydrocarbons in this country with the result that the Europeans are importing oil and gas from Putin’s Russia.”

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