Boriss ex aide erupts in character assassination of PM as he warns change needed now

Boris Johnson 'sleepwalking into the next disaster' says Walden

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Will Walden, Boris Johnson’s former communications chief, warned the Prime Minister that he will “sleepwalk into the next disaster” if he does not change his ways now. In what Sky News’ Tamara Cohen summed up as an exercise in “character assassination”, Mr Walden explained that the behaviour of Mr Johnson’s staff would not have happened under previous Prime Ministers. The Partygate report, published by Sue Gray has exposed significant Government failings, the report exposed Tory MPs bad behaviour, some of which consisted of drinking, vomiting and abusing cleaners and security guards during the lockdowns of 2020.

He accused the Prime Minister of “running a frat house” instead of a country due to all of the boozy parties held at No.10 during a global pandemic.

Mr Walden told LBC: “This is about as he says, responsibility and I don’t think it matters whether he spent a long time at these gatherings, he condoned them.

“He went to them, and he didn’t appear to care what happened next, and I think that’s very worrying.

“And most importantly he didn’t ask staff to make sure that things stayed civilised.

“And what I would say to you Nick and this is what worries me the most, is can we possibly imagine this kind of culture happening under Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron or May?

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“I think the answer is no, and I have to ask, where are the grownups, is he running a country or is he running a frat house?

“It doesn’t inspire confidence about serious governing and serious governing being done, and look you said to me should he resign and I’m divided on that.

“What I would say is it’s not a matter for me, but if he’s going to survive into the future, he’s got to stop saying that we need to move on, this is his mess it’s no one else’s mess that the truth of it.

“And you lead first and foremost by understanding that and doing something about it, Two final points, yesterday the couldn’t even tell us what lessons he had learned.

“And what personal responsibility and what mistakes he has made, he was asked that directly at the press conference and he couldn’t say, and frankly that’s not good enough.

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“All of this pains me, Nick, you know, I worked closely with him for the best part of a decade I count him as a friend, but friendship is about honesty and telling the truth, I fear that the Prime Minister isn’t hearing that at the moment.

“And that may not matter to Tory MPs, but I fear that that matters to voters, and without change, Boris is sleepwalking into the next disaster, he has got to think about that for the sake of the country.”

Due to Mr johnson’s behaviour, it hasn’t been just Conservatives savaging him and calling for his resignation, but the opposition party, Labour are seeing Mr Johnson’s scandal as a chance to take office.

Labour MP Jess Phillips discussed Ms Gray’s findings with Robert Peston.

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Ms Phillips said: “Oh it’s very serious to wilfully lie to Parliament, it breaches the ministerial code and it is a resigning matter.

“But this is Boris Johnson we’re talking about, so he will undoubtedly find some way of making out like ‘I’m sorry you couldn’t see your dying relatives but I did you know have to have a party for the end of the Covid task force’.

“It’s unbelievable but he will get away with it, but it is incredibly serious to willingly lie.

“So what Sue Gray’s report shows us today is when press officers were being asked: ‘’Were there any parties happening?’ They were standing in front of the cameras, standing in front of the media saying all the regulations were followed.

“Now we know that the very same press team was saying ‘hide the bottles’.

“Because the cameras were walking past, so it’s a culture where everybody is lying.

“And it’s problematic not just because Boris Johnson is a liar, everyone knows that any way that’s baked in.

“The problem is that the country doesn’t trust him on anything else. Boris Johnson, I’m almost hopeful he goes into the next election because he’s a busted flush.”

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