Brexit Britain boost: Ann Widdecombe predicts UK to become ‘very attractive’ due to trend

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Former Brexit Party MEP, Ann Widdecombe, admitted she was confident Britain would prosper significantly outside of the European Union after Brexit. During an interview with, Ms Widdecombe said between 1990 and 1997, Britain was getting significant investment from US and Japanese countries. She claimed we were very valuable and sought after due to our labour force, which Ms Widdecombe believes can be brilliant again.

Ms Widdecombe said: “I look back to what happened during the time of Prime Minister John Major.

“At that period we were getting 40 percent of all the investment that came from Japan and the United States.

“All the investment from those big economic powers was going into the EU via us and you have to ask why.

“The reason is we were very well situated, we were in the trading block, we were on the doorstep but because we had the opt-out from the social chapter, we also had the most flexible labour market in the whole of Europe.”

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Ms Widdecombe insisted the UK could again become this attractive to international companies post-EU.

She said: “We were very attractive and once we are allowed to set our own terms, laws and we can leave the level playing field, I believe we can attract more investment.

“Ultimately, it will be as Boris Johnson says and in the UK it will be go, go, go.”

Ms Widdecombe has previously argued the EU should be more concerned about post-Brexit life than the UK.

While speaking on Brexit Watch with Jonathan Saxty, the Brexiteer argued the EU is scared of the potential of the UK.

She said the EU was afraid of the UK becoming a financial powerhouse, similar to that of Singapore.

She argued the EU is negotiating with the intention of protecting itself for the future.

Ms Widdecombe said: “I will tell you exactly what the EU has been afraid of.

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“I will tell you what the EU has been terrified of throughout Brexit even before coronavirus.

“They are terrified of a Singapore on their doorstep.

“They are afraid of a Singapore right on the doorstep of the EU and because they are afraid they are insisting on a level playing field.”

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