Brexit Britain to turbocharge towards securing US trade deal victory with major move

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On Monday, Ms Trevelyan will attend the first of a new series of transatlantic dialogues aimed at deepening our already-thriving £200 billion relationship with the United States.

She will be a guest at a two-day event in Baltimore, Maryland, with her American counterpart – US Trade Representative Katherine Tai as part of the Joint UK/US Dialogues on the Future of Atlantic Trade.

The event brings together politicians, senior officials, trade unions, businesses and civil society figures from both sides to discuss how the UK and US can work together to deepen our trading relationship.

Ahead of the event, Ms Trevelyan said: “The US is our closest and most important economic ally and this visit is a golden opportunity to turbocharge our thriving trade and investment relationship. 

“At times of international uncertainty, working closer with our key strategic allies is even more important. The world needs G7 allies to stand together and show how we can boost free and fair trade and promote prosperity, but also how we can use the economic levers at our disposal to punish President Putin and inflict economic pain that will hit his regime where it hurts.”

The visit and high-level trade talks accompany UK efforts to pursue a series of state-level agreements with individual US states that will make it easier and cheaper for UK and US businesses to work together.

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US-owned businesses supported 1.48 million UK jobs in 2019 with 60% outside London and the South East, according to DIT analysis.

And it is hoped that the smaller deals will pave the way to a massive US/ UK trade agreement.

According to the Department for International Trade stats Washington State alone imported £512 million worth of goods from UK businesses and UK companies support 23,000 jobs there.

Meanwhile, California – which has a £2.3 trillion GDP, bigger than France – imported £3.9 billion worth of goods from the UK while UK businesses support 126,400 jobs in the state.

Last year Utah imported £96.3 million worth of goods from UK businesses, UK businesses support 10,700 jobs in Utah and the UK is the top export market for Utah.

Indiana imported £926 million worth of goods from UK businesses, British businesses support 37,500 jobs in Indiana and the UK buys £1.3bn worth of goods and services from Indiana.

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