Brexit cost a lot of jobs! Ken Livingstone slams Farage in big debate Still a remoaner

Ken Livingstone clashes with Farage on Brexit job losses

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Appearing on GB News’ ‘Talking Pints’ with Mr Farage, the Labour veteran launched into a full scale row over Brexit’s impact on jobs. Mr Farage however took no time to hesitate as he shot back at the claims Mr Livingston made pointing out areas which have recieved major investment such as Nissan in Sunderland. But looking a bit worse for wear due to tripping over his dog and hitting his head badly, Livingston went on to address key issues in the British economy that require investment as he claimed this was fundamental to success for political parties. He also suggested a British “economic strategy” was needed post-Brexit.

Mr Farage asked the former Mayor: “Where do you see Brexit?

“Is Brexit now finished for you as an issue? Are we done, are we moving on?”

Mr Livingston accepted: “I don’t think we will ever have a vote to get back in.

“And we have now got government finally getting round to trying to tackle the problems of all of that.”

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And in a brave comment in front of Farage, he went on to slam: “It has clearly cost a lot of jobs…

But Mr Farage was visibly stirred by the comment and furiously interjected: “But has it!? Has it really!?

The former London Mayor insisted “it has” without backing up his claims.

The Brexit Party founder hit back angrily, slamming how “a billion [of investment is] going into Sunderland!” before branding Livingston “you’re still a ‘remoaner’ aren’t you!”

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Livingston hit back: “But [we] are in a position where you have to draw up a proper economic strategy for Britain outside out of the EU.

“And create new jobs and get more investment.”

He highlighted: “The biggest cause of success in an economy is investment and our investment is well below what it should be.”

The Labour veteran then went on to point out historical instances of where and why investment works and how that benefits politicians. 

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He explained: “If you look at the level of investment in the Great Depression in the 1930s: Roosevelt wins, massive increase in investment.

“You look at the Attlee government in 1945, big increase in investment.”

He went on to say as a school leaver “every kid got a job” claiming he “didn’t meet an unemployed person” as a youngster starting out.

But Farage questioned how much the British government really can invest in the British economy with “two trillion” of debt.

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