‘Brexit is the way forward!’ Britons back Lord Frost’s verdict on Brexit success

Northern Ireland: Frost calls on EU to 'look at the real world'

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On the sixth anniversary of the UK voting to leave the European Union Lord Frost, a central figure in the Brexit deal negotiations, has shared his verdict. Lord Frost declared that “Brexit is working” at the annual conference of the UK in a Changing Europe organisation on Thursday, June 23.

He said that “Brexit is working,” and those who say it is hitting the economy have “an axe to grind”.

He said: “Brexit is working. We have no cause for regrets about the decision the country has taken.

“The solutions to the remaining problems are not to be found in going backwards, but in completing the process and following through on its logic.”

As a result, Express.co.uk readers were asked whether they agreed with Lord Frost’s comments.

In a poll that ran from 5pm on Thursday, June 23, to 6pm on Friday, June 24, Express.co.uk asked: “Do you agree with Lord Frost that Brexit is working?” 

A total of 3,368 people cast their votes with a majority, 66 percent (2,211 people), answering “yes”, Brexit is working.

A further 33 percent (1,110 people) said “no” Brexit is not working, while just one percent (47 people) said they did not know either way. 

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers reflected on the effectiveness of Brexit.

One reader, username arrongrant said “totally Agree! Brexit is the way forward” and username Dogend wrote “Yes absolutely”. 

Another, username Robert Ward said: “Yes overall it is working. 

“I grant you certain things could be better i.e. Northern Ireland, European Convention on Human Rights and the fisheries but overall yes we made the right call in voting leave

“And whilst we may not think it now, it will turn out to be the best thing we did.”

While username INLOVEWITHDEMOCRACY said: “YES, I do think Brexit is working. We were in the EU for over 45 years, so the transition was NEVER going to be an overnight job.”

In addition, Lord Frost said: “The view that Brexit is hitting us from an economic and trade perspective is generated by those with an axe to grind and cannot be supported by any objective analysis of the figures.

“The UK has grown at much the same pace as other G7 countries since the referendum and, as the ONS points out, our goods exports to the EU are at the highest level ever.” 

He explained the forecast made by the Office for Budget Responsibility in 2020 that output would decline by four as a result of Brexit had been interrupted by the pandemic and war in Ukraine.

As a result, Lord Frost said that the true impact of Brexit could therefore never be determined independently.


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One reader, username BarneyBarney said: “We only left at the start of 2020 and we were in a pandemic and then war, if we had stayed you could say remains not working!”

However, others commented that Lord Frost’s observation was wrong and that Brexit was not working.

Username TheMadTrapper said: “It is not working because the civil service and Westminster want it to fail.” 

Username Remainer and Proud wrote: “Brexit is an utter failure as the foreign exchange markets have agreed.”

And username AcerView said: “Just a matter of time till we rejoin, now that the lies of Brexit are being exposed and the incalculable damage mounts up.”

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