Brexit LIVE: EU ordered to stop playing ‘zero-sum games’ in tense border row

Brexit: Lord Frost speaks of 'disappointment' with EU

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Shirley McCay, the UK Government’s director of trade and investment in Ireland also made clear to Brussels that medical and food supply chains were being disrupted by the new trading rules and change was needed urgently. The Northern Ireland protocol is the part of the Brexit divorce deal aimed at avoiding a hard border with Ireland.

Under the terms of the deal, Northern Ireland remains in the EU single market as well as regulations for medicines after the end of the transition period.

Lord Frost has put forward proposals to the European Union in a command paper to renegotiate the Northern Ireland Protocol following months of tensions from Unionist politicians at Stormont who claim the trading arrangements threaten the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Ms McCay added: “The role of government is to facilitate and encourage trade.

“But there are parts of the Northern Ireland protocol that are not working.

“The British Government is calling on the EU to examine the protocol once again with them.

“There is a huge degree of complexity in the Brexit trade deal.

“And while the protocol was agreed between both sides during the Brexit negotiations, the implementation of these things is always very different in practice.

“The UK Government wants trade to flow freely between both sides.


“However, Brexit doesn’t need to be a zero-sum game.

“If the EU takes the time to stand still, reflect and examine the options put forward it will be a good thing.”

The UK Government added negotiations are ongoing to resolve the post-Brexit trading issues with the European Commission with both sides discussing the Command Paper on a regular basis.

A UK Government source added: “We are liaising with them [the European Commission] on a regular basis but they do need to seriously consider our proposals rather than play pathetic political games.”


8am update: Bill could endanger Brexit trade deals

Ministers have been warned that the Government’s new animal rights legislation in England will create an unelected quango which could veto important trade deals for Brexit Britain unless changes are made.

The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill has hit the headlines for new measures which include a ban on boiling crabs and lobsters alive but it is broadly aimed at preventing cruel deaths for creatures which can think and have feelings.

One of the main proposals in the legislation would be the formation of a committee with unelected members which would have the power to scrutinise new laws and trade deals to remove measures that would breach animal rights.

In recent evidence to MPs, Dr Penny Hawkins, head of the RSPCA’s animals in science department, admitted that if the law had already been in place, the committee could have interfered with the recent trade deal with Australia.

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