Brexit warning: Richard Tice tells Boris ‘don’t bottle it’ as he blasts ‘unreasonable’ EU

Brexit: Boris Johnson 'must not bottle it' says Richard Tice

Richard Tice told talkRADIO that no deal is better for the UK than agreeing to a bad deal. The former MEP added that the European Union is “taking the mickey” out of Britain with their post-Brexit demands. 

Mr Tice said: “It is in the hands of Boris Johnson, this is the crunch moment.

“This is the moment where Boris must not bottle it.

“He has got to hold firm because if he sells us out and compromises too much on fishing, level playing field or state aide then we cannot maximise the benefits of the huge opportunities that come from a proper Brexit.

“That is what we have always said and we have always believed it, of course it was right to try for a deal.

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“But if the EU is so unreasonable with some of their demands like they clearly have been then it is much better to say no deal is always better than a bad deal.”  

He added: “

“All we have ever asked for is what they have given to countries like Japan and Canada, which is completely reasonable.

“That is how many free trade agreements are agreed upon around the world.”

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Last week Mr Tice outlined that Britain wants a “proper Brexit” and this was shown by millions of voters backing Mr Johnson in the 2019 general election.

He said: “I think Boris knows that this Government’s foundation is based on a proper Brexit.

“That is what people in their millions gave him that big majority to do, so far so good.”


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 “The European Union is very good at taking sovereignty from its various member states including the United Kingdom.

“We are now seeing that it is incredibly reluctant and very bad at handing it back when a nation says ‘enough is enough’.

“There is no question that we will succeed but we need that flexibility to cut the EU’s daft regulations.”

The deadline for a post-Brexit trade agreement is December 31 2020. 

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