Brexiteer Tory dismisses Boris Johnson Munich speech – We want Brexit freedoms now!

Boris Johnson urged ‘come home’ from Munich by Redwood

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Tory MP Sir John Redwood has urged the Prime Minister to refocus the British Government’s efforts at delivering the benefits of Brexit. Boris Johnson has been in the German city of Munich where he delivered a speech strongly condemning Russian threats to invade Ukraine. Mr Redwood urged the Prime Minister to “come home” and cancel the Government’s National Insurance rise and deliver on “Brexit freedoms.”

Mr Redwood told LBC: “I’m glad he made a powerful speech and yes, I think he’s been a strong voice on the Ukraine matter and we trust that goes well, and I think the West needs to resist the barbarism of some of the Russian threats and attitudes.

“But this next election is going to be one here at home.

“It’s the battle of the cost of living that matters far more to most of the voters.

“So I would urge him to come home and cancel the National Insurance.”

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Asked if the Prime Minister could survive “party gate” the Conservative MP replied: “Yes, I think he can and it’s not helpful, but it doesn’t add a lot to what we already know that he went to certain events in Downing Street, which he believed were just part of the working day or his officials very foolishly had set up for him he didn’t feel he could say no.

“We understand that he said sorry, some people will never forgive him for anything others of us are prepared to forgive him for that. Wasn’t a good look, but it’s not terminal.

“But what does matter is what he is going to do with this power and this majority he still wields.

“He was given this huge trust by the British people, so please, Prime Minister respond to that trust by leading us to the sunlit uplands of growth, greater prosperity, more jobs, great freedoms. 

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He added: “We want the Brexit freedoms and we want them now.”

The Prime Minister delivered a speech in Munich on Saturday in which he warned an invasion of Ukraine appears to be “in motion.”

Mr Johnson: “I think certainly things are in motion, but the question is whether it can all be pulled back and whether the president of Russia is still able to call this operation off.

“I think that possibility must logically still exist, and therefore I think it’s absolutely vital that we have a path of dialogue, of reason.”


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“You know, you just cannot see how this makes sense for Russia,” he added.

“Imagine the invasion of Ukraine, a country of 45 million people, the second biggest country in Europe geographically apart from Russia itself – an absolutely colossal place.

“You can’t hold it down.

“There will be a protracted, violent, bloody insurgency with the loss of life for young Russians, as well as for Ukrainians.”

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