Brexiteers issue angry warning to Boris at trade deal sell-out: ‘We will come after you!’

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Former Brexit Party MEP Richard Tice argued the UK Government could not afford to back down to the EU on state aid. While speaking on Brexit Watch with Jonathan Saxty, Mr Tice claimed Boris Johnson needed the flexibility of being able to set its own policies on state aid. He noted that this was not only important for international investment but in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Tice also warned the Brexit Party would hold the Conservatives to account in the final weeks of the Brexit trade deal talks.

He said the Government had a potential to sell out Brexiteers at the last minute to strike a deal with the EU, though he hopes this won’t happen.

He said: “We have all got to be alert to the risk that the Tories do what they have done before, talk a good game and sell us out at the end.

“People are on the watch and the lookout. I don’t think that will happen, I could be wrong but I would be cross if I was wrong.

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“We will make a big song and dance about it if they sell us out at the end.

“The Government should not be surprised if we come after them if they sell us out.

“Especially if they sell us out on crucial things like fishing and state aid.”

He added: “State aid is really important and we must not concede there.

“Because in this huge economic downturn that we are going through it is going to get worse and worse.

“This Government is going to need to move at incredible speed to basically protect and prop up some strategically important businesses.

“For example the likes of Rolls Royce, British Aerospace, British Airways and many others that are facing a complete collapse.

“We have got to have maximum flexibility and it is more important than ever.

“There are working-class jobs up and down the country, these are in communities and local towns that rely on particular industries and it is very important.”

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“The Government needs to be able to move very fast without having to go on bended knee to Brussels and to ask for forgiveness penance and their consent to do whatever.”

Mr Tice went into greater detail of why Boris Johnson should refuse the EU’s terms on state aid.

He added: “With state aid, people mostly say what is it and why do we care about it.

“It is very simple why we care about it, the hundreds and thousands of jobs that are potentially at stake, this is if we concede on state aid to the EU.

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