Britain faces crippling shortage of lorry drivers for a generation, MP warns

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The Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, a qualified transport manager, has written to Transport Minister Baroness Vere warning that the problems in recruiting HGV drivers have been ignored for too long.

It comes as pressure is being put on ministers to relax immigration rules and so allow foreign lorry drivers to work in the UK.

In his letter, Mr Bridgen said that in a debate in 2015 he warned there were other long-term problems that needed to be addressed.

He said the average age of a lorry driver was now 53, with only two percent of qualified drivers under the age of 25 and 60 percent over 45.

He added: “The whole point of Brexit is the UK should no longer be relying on the sticking plaster of importing labour to solve problems.

“The industry needs to look at why so many have left and, together with the Government, needs to put the industry and its workers on a sustainable trajectory, which will have to include improved pay and working conditions for drivers.”

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