Channel migrant crisis is being fuelled by Putins allegiance with Algeria

Sunak says ‘no single, simple solution’ to small boats

Ministers have been warned that Britain and its allies need to put pressure on Algeria to end its allegience with Vladimir Putin and Russia.

The complex series of relationships in North Africa, including support from Algeria on the gateway to Europe, is believed to be fuelling the migrant crisis into the continent.

The end point, the advisor says, is the small boats arriving to the UK from the Channel. has been told by a former Downing Street advisor, who has experience with North African governments and partners, that warnings on the issue have been made for months.

The latest concerns follow Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune making a state visit to Moscow on June 13 in a sign of international solidarity with Putin.

But with Putin’s Wagner forces, who have been running his network of influence in North Africa, now in full rebellion, the situation could be even more volatile.

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The former Downing Street advisor pointed to the working being carried out with another North African country Morocco in dealing with the migrant crisis.

But the ex-advisor noted that much of that work was being undone by Aleria’s geo-political stance.

The former advisor said: “As the substantial growth of uncontrolled migration in recent years poses common challenges across countries and entire regions, international cooperation and mutual support remains a necessity.

“Morocco’s historical background and geographical location, at the crossroads of Africa and Europe makes it a strategic country when it comes to matters of international migration.

“Morocco’s governance on migration is founded on a humanitarian approach, but it faces challenges from the criminal activities of trafficking networks.

“As such, the Kingdom has strengthened its security strategy to address illegal migration to bring smuggling operations to an end in the area.

“Morocco has committed itself to close cooperation with its European counterparts in attempting to halt these flows into Europe.”

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But he added: “Morocco is seeking to work with the UK to establish a proactive approach to migration and collaborate further in this field by forging a stronger alliance combating illegal migration.

“Something that Algeria’s growing friendship with Putin makes more unlikely by the day.”

The advisor also noted that today’s developments with the Wagner troops in full revolt against Putin could help.

“Algeria has picked the wrong side. This is a great opportunity for the West. If we don’t take it I bet China does.”

However, on his visit to Moscow, President Tebboune pledged his continued support to Russia.

He said: “Our relations have never changed, Algeria has always supported Russia for 60 years. Today, there is certain pressure from foreign states on us, but it will never be able to affect our relations.”

While, the UK government has identified a problem with Albania as a source of illegal migration to the UK, including on the small boats, much of it is coming from Syria and North Africa.

Concerns have already been raised about the lack of a government in Libya where the political chaos has provided a gateway for criminal gangs for human trafficking and illegal migration.

While countries like Morocco have tried to close their routes, human traffickers have come through others such as Tunisia and Alegeria both of which have a Mediterranean coastline.

Earlier this year the Italian government blamed Putin’s Wagner groups for fuelling illegal migration for profit and to destabilise the west.

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto said claimed that arrivals of migrants who cross over from North Africa to Italy are “to no small extent, part of a hybrid war strategy of the Wagner division, which uses its significant weight in some African countries.”

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