Childrens safety compromised over spread of trans ideology

Most secondary schools are failing to tell parents if their child wants to identify as another gender, according to a major study. Around one in five no longer have single-sex changing rooms, leaving vulnerable adolescent girls forced to share their spaces with boys. Four in ten allow children to choose their own gender, the Policy Exchange research found.

Laws to keep children safe are being “seriously compromised” by the spread of gender ideology in schools, it said.

Labour MP Rosie Duffield, co-patron of Policy Exchange’s Biology Matters Project, said the report “exposes the reality” that this ideology is widespread across secondary schools.

In a foreword to the report, she added: “This Government has failed children by allowing partisan beliefs to become entrenched within the education system. Meanwhile, the Opposition has failed to pull them up on it.”

In a major investigation using freedom of information laws, Policy Exchange found at least 28 percent of secondary schools do not maintain single sex toilets.

Some 60 percent of schools allow children to take part in sports events of the opposite sex.

Most demand that other children affirm the new identity of a child who is gender-distressed, where they believe their gender is different from their biological sex.

A quarter teach that some people “may be born in the wrong body”.

The Asleep at the Wheel report found that laws to keep children safe are being “seriously compromised” over the spread of trans ideology in schools.

More than 300 secondary schools have breached safeguarding principles over the way they deal with pupils who question their gender.

Only 28 percent are reliably telling parents of their children’s gender distress, according to the report.

Conservative MP Miriam Cates MP said the report showed the “shocking extent of safeguarding failures in many British schools”.

“The protection of children from political indoctrination is foundational to democratic society, and yet this report shows that we are currently failing to protect a whole generation of children from the destructive effects of extreme gender ideology,” she added.

“For years, parents who have raised safeguarding concerns to both schools and the Department for Education have been ignored, disbelieved or labelled as ‘bigots’.

“This report is a vindication of their concerns and a resounding call to action for Government and school leaders. Biological sex is immutable and the sex-based protections that are the hallmark of all civilised societies must apply to children in our schools.”

Baroness Morris, former education secretary under Sir Tony Blair, said: “Safeguarding principles are fundamental to a responsible society – and all teachers know that. Yet this report by Policy Exchange demonstrates the incompatibility between current practice for gender distressed children and well-established and universally accepted safeguarding principles.”

A profound exchange of trust takes place between a parent and their child’s school. Parents deserve to know that when they send their child to school, they will be kept safe.

Safeguarding principles are designed to facilitate this trust. Today Policy Exchange demonstrates a fundamental safeguarding blind spot when it comes to the issue of gender-distressed children at school.

Policy Exchange research reveals that only 28 per cent of secondary schools are reliably informing parents of their children’s gender distress.

Those who question whether affirmation is the right course of action for their child are deemed “unsupportive”. Four in ten secondary schools operate policies of gender-self-identification.

Despite their obligations to be politically impartial, 72 per cent of secondary schools are teaching that people have a gender identity that may differ from their biological sex – a contested belief, not a fact.

Dr Hilary Cass and her damning report into failures of the Tavistock against gender-distressed children has demonstrated the dangers of over-enthusiastic affirmative practice. While many have woken up to the dangers of gender ideology on a generation of children, it seems the school system remains “asleep at the wheel” as the title of Policy Exchange’s report reveals.

Policy Exchange has tracked how politically motivated lobbying groups, funded by large amounts of Department for Education money at the expense of the tax payer, have been hugely successful in embedding extreme ideological ideas into the classroom.

The Government has fed the idea that such practice is rare – or only happening in a small number of schools. No longer should they be able to get away with this narrative. While the Government is failing to protect children from extreme partisan beliefs, all opposition parties have let them get away with doing nothing.

The reckless experiment must end now.

Rosie Duffield has been Labour Member of Parliament for Canterbury since 2017.

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