Corbyn legacy: Bombshell report warns Sir Keir may NEVER win back Red Wall

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A new report said the Red Wall – the former Labour heartland – “may be lost for good” to the Tory Party unless Sir Keir is able to change the perception held by many northern voters that it is a “London-centric party”. Labour suffered heavy losses at last year’s election, when the Tories won seats in the opposition’s heartlands with a promise to “get Brexit done” and by tapping into discontent with leftist then-leader Jeremy Corbyn.

After many Brexit supporters were wooed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s election promise that only he could “get Brexit done”, Sir Keir made it his mission to heal wounds in a party desperate for a comeback.

But the report by the Labour for the North group, seen by The Guardian, said it may be too late for Sir Keir, who is thought to be considering backing any Brexit deal Mr Johnson manages to secure in a bid to win back voters.

It said without action the Labour Party would see a “continuous decline” in former stronghold areas.

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The report said: “If not addressed, these figures signal a continuous decline.

“The constituencies and communities, which for so long we took for granted, have fundamentally changed.

“Unless we recognise how and why, there is a potential that they may be lost for good.

“Without understanding what isn’t working for us on a local level, we cannot hope to win back power nationally.”

Sir Keir is trying hard to restore the party’s electability by distancing himself from Mr Corbyn’s far left.

He is also moving to break away definitively from the Corbyn era and reduce Labour’s reliance on left-wing unions.


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Elected Labour leader in April, Sir Keir wants to win back many of the so-called ‘Red Wall’.

But the report said: “We have much work to do to re-establish trust with former voters.

“We should achieve this not by casting back to a past era, but by making sure we listen to their concerns and aspirations, and more often tune our policies and outlook to their priorities.

“The greatest risk for Labour is that, in this newly-turbulent politics, we fail to listen to our former voters make efforts to reconnect with them, and allow another party to build lasting links.”

Phil Wilson, former Labour MP for Sedgefield, urged Sir Keir to move a “million miles away” from Mr Corbyn.

He added: “What Starmer basically needs to do is to move a million miles away from Corbyn and his worldview.

“We have still got to win back credibility on the economy. We’ve got to reassure people that we do believe in Britain.”

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