Corbynista Momentum launches new ‘political education’ plan as it plots socialist takeover

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The Labour affiliated movement, which was first set up to help Jeremy Corbyn become the party’s leader, has been rebuilding since the 2019 election loss. While influential over the leadership under Mr Corbyn’s tenure, Momentum has been largely pushed to the sidelines by Sir Keir Starmer.

Labour’s incumbent leader has sought to move the party more to the centre-ground, distancing himself from Mr Corbyn’s supporters.

Momentum has now launched its new “Leo Panitch Leadership Programme” to help place a socialist government in charge of Britain.

The scheme is named after a former Canadian academic who was the protege of Ralph Miliband, the renowned Marxist and father of former labour leader Ed Miliband.

The programme looks to exert pressure on the Labour Party and force them to adopt their policy agenda.

It is looking for 40 members to participate in the scheme that will focus on developing “political education, strategic understanding and organising skills, and building relationships with Momentum activists across the country”.

Over a number of weeks between August and November, those taking part will participate in sessions looking at how to develop campaigns and tactics to elect those from the hard-left into office.

They will also focus on “power mapping that Labour Party and labour movement, to identify points of leverage and influence”.

“Organisers are the lifeblood of any socialist organisation, and Momentum’s future success depends on members getting active in their communities, workplaces and in the Labour Party, politically educating, running campaigns and building power,” the leadership programme’s introductory document states.

“A key part of what Momentum does is to organise to increase the number of socialists holding elected office.”

Momentum has been vocally critical of Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership since he took over last April.

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They have accused him of abandoning the policy agenda set out by Mr Corbyn in 2019 which they say was popular with voters.

Earlier this year the group launched a fresh drive to enforce a “socialist policy platform” on the party.

They are preparing to force a series of votes on radical policy ideas at the party’s annual conference taking place in Brighton in September.

Momentum has more than 20,000 members and is the largest Labour affiliated membership group.

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Andrew Scattergood, the co-chair of Momentum said the group was seizing control of the agenda.

He said: “If we want to rebuild our voter coalition, we can’t abandon fundamental change.

“Timidity is not an option when the centre-ground is falling apart.

“If Starmer’s leadership is out of ideas or focused on the wrong ones, Labour members need to step up and set the agenda.”

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