Dan Wootton and Jerry Hayes clash over budget on GB News

Autumn Budget: Expert on 'depressing' household income impact

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Former Tory MP Jerry Hayes has clashed with GB News host Dan Wootton over the Autumn Budget, which was released on Thursday. While Mr Wootton bemoaned the un-Conservative policy of raising taxes, criminal barrister Mr Hayes defended the budget as coming straight from Margaret Thatcher’s ideology.

He claimed it was a “Thatcherite budget” as she had implemented similar tactics to reduce inflation in 1981.

The Kiwi host remained unconvinced, however, and hit back when Mr Hayes denounced the Liz Truss mini-budget as “appalling”.

Mr Wootton said: “I think this is a catastrophic budget, it shows that your party is full of TINOs (Tories In Name Only), why am I wrong?”

The barrister responded: “You’re wrong on just about everything Dan but on this in particular you are particularly wrong.

“Because this is a Thatcherite budget! Some of us were there matey, some of us used to advise her and some of us used to support her.

“To beat inflation in 1981 she raised taxes, she cut public expenditure.

“Now we’ve done it in a way, unlike the appalling Liz Truss, who wrecked the economy.”

Mr Wootton countered that this statement was “hardly” true, protesting: “This is a lie Jerry!

“You know what wrecked the economy? The £410billion we spent locking down.

“Liz Truss’s mini-budget did not destroy the economy, you are being intellectually dishonest Jerry!”

Mr Hayes hit back, saying: “We lost £30billion, mortgages went up, the cost of borrowing went up.

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“However, what have we got now? We’ve actually got a sensible budget, plan for growth, compassionate, we’re going to help people in the health service, we’re going to help people with their bills.

“But there’s a sensible decent plan.

“Thatcher believed in sound money, she didn’t borrow money to cut taxes.

“I didn’t disagree with a word of the Truss budget, but it was wrong at the time and it was wholly irresponsible.”

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