David Mellor cut off as he rages at Trevor Philips in explosive interview Sad to see!

Sky News: Trevor Phillips says government in trouble over ‘sleaze’

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Former Secretary of State David Mellor raged at Sky News’ Trevor Philips for trying to equate him to Owen Paterson. Trevor Philips brought up the fact that the former Tory minister famously accepted the gift of a month-long holiday in Marbella in 1990. Mr Mellor resented this being brought up, as he insisted “there was nothing corrupt about that holiday”.

He said: “Never a single complaint was made about me to anybody.

“So if you are trying to equate me with Owen Paterson, it is sad to see a man like you playing that game.

“I don’t why we are suddenly talking about something 30 years ago, I did nothing above and beyond what was normal.”

The interview abruptly ended as Mr Mellor dropped out of the conversation, leading Mr Phillips to remark: “Well, thank you David Mellor, we lost him on the phone.

“Thank you for sharing your extensive appearance.”

The interview had initially discussed the ongoing sleaze crisis facing the Government.

Mr Mellor said: “Tragically this Government is a shambles, and that is only on good days.”

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