Denmark fishermen thrown out of Norwegian waters as Oslo seeks post-Brexit deal with UK

Brexit: Danish fisherman discusses the loss of Norwegian waters

Denmark fisherman Tamme Bolt admitted he was concerned about the countries fishing industry post-Brexit. While speaking to Ruptly, he said Norway had denied Denmark fishermen access to their waters for months. Mr Bolt noted Oslo had initially imposed the ban on the grounds they were waiting for a resolution between the UK and EU on fishing.

However, despite a deal having been agreed, Norway has continued to deny access and insist they must strike a new deal with the EU and UK.

Mr Bolt highlighted the importance of Norwegian waters in the fishing debate and the need for a quick resolution to the standstill.

Mr Bolt said: “We need to access to the Norwegian waters to catch our fish because 70 percent of our catch is from their waters.

“25 percent of our catch is from UK waters and only five percent of our catch is from Danish waters.

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“It all started out with the Brexit deal, fishing and fisheries were a big part of the Brexit deal.

“The Norwegians decided not to give access to their waters before there was a Brexit deal.”

Mr Bolt noted that despite Boris Johnson and the EU agreeing on a Brexit deal, Norway still has not allowed Danish fishermen access to their waters due to some overarching issues.

He continued: “Now there is a Brexit deal but we are still not given access to the Norwegian waters because of some issues still to be solved.

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“One of the problems is that the Norwegians have to make a fishing deal with the UK and the EU.

“Before they only had to make a deal with the EU, that is one of the big issues.

“They are arguing about the height of the cod quota, for me it is important to have a good cod quota.

“That is very important for us to start the new year with a cod quota, this is so I can use cod as a bycatch when I’m catching other fish like haddock.”

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Following Boris Johnson’s fishing deal, UK fishermen have voiced their concerns about the future of their industry as well. 

Political expert Professor Liam Campling has told the Express that the relationship between the UK and EU remains currently unstable, in regards to fishing.

He insisted that tensions remain high on both sides and only time will tell how industries progress moving forward and whether the bond between the UK and EU strengthens or weakens. 

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