DUP warns it will not bow to Brexit pressure from ‘anti-British’ Biden

The DUP will not give in to pressure from “anti-British” Joe Biden to accept Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal, unionist politicians have warned. The US President, a Catholic who regularly refers to his Irish roots, is today expected to urge the party to drop its boycott of powersharing at Stormont over post-Brexit trading arrangements.

But senior politicians from DUP have warned they will not bow to pressure from Mr Biden.

DUP peer Nigel Dodds told the Telegraph: “Pressure from an American administration which is so transparently pro-nationalist constitutes no pressure on us at all.

“Our decisions will be taken with the interests of Northern Ireland at the heart of our thinking. That’s not what the Americans are about especially Joe Biden.”

DUP MP Sammy Wilson added: “He’s anti-British. He is pro-Republican and he has made his antipathy towards Protestants in particular very well known.

“He has fully backed the EU in this whole Protocol process. He’s refusing to come to the Coronation. I don’t think any of us are rushing through the door to greet him.”

Speaking to reporters before his departure, Mr Biden said that his top priority was to “make sure the Irish accords and the Windsor Agreement stay in place, keep the peace”.

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