Emmanuel Macron unveils £25bn France first agenda for next term in plot to woo voters

Emmanuel Macron says gas prices are providing 'strong pressure'

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The new plan, which Mr Macron unveiled on Tuesday, is worth around £25billion. As part of the “France first” plan, the 43-year-old looks to focus on national industry.

Among this plan is a commitment to nuclear power and a plan to build smaller reactors to drive the mass production of green hydrogen.

As well as this, electricity for clean cars was also part of the “France 2030” plan set to take place over the next five years.

Far-Right maverick Eric Zemmour has warned that from this plan, France itself is in a “state of perilous decline.”

Mr Macron had recently said that France had reclaimed the title of being the “most attractive country in Europe with employment levels not seen in 20 years”.

But the 43-year-old had put this success down to “15-20 years later than some of our European neighbours”.

However, the President did not want France to stop yet, with a desire “to become again a nation of innovation and research”.

Mr Macron said: “We need a country that produces more.

“We must wage the battle of innovation and industrialisation at the same time.”

Within this plan, €8bn will be used for decarbonisation with a further €4billion spent on transport.

As well as this, another €2billion on sustainable agriculture, €3billion to produce 20 biomedicines by 2030 and €2billion on culture, space and deep sea exploration.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen has used this new plan of Mr Macron’s as ammunition to take aim at the President.

Ms Le Pen tweeted: “A few months from the end of his mandate, the outgoing president commits French money to restore his electoral image with promises which only bind his successor.

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“It’s the “whatever the cost, I want to be re-elected!”

Far-Left presidential hopeful Jean-Luc Mélenchon also took aim at the plan, saying it was “another day of Macronist propaganda”.

Mr Macron is not the only world leader to be putting forward such a plan.

Joe Biden, President of the United States – although on a much grander scale – has introduced a $4.5trillion Build Back Better Agenda for America.

Speaking about Mr Macron’s plan, Frédéric Dabi of Ifop pollster said that on paper, the plan may seem like an appealing thing for French people, but he questions whether or not it will have an impact on them.

He said: “It’s all very well to talk about industry and start-ups but will it touch the French?

“We are in an unprecedented moment when despite the crisis, what worries the French most is purchasing power, up there with unemployment.”

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