EU pleased with trouble in Northern Ireland as bloc relish in Brexit Britain chaos

Brexit: 'Trouble' in Northern Ireland 'pleasing' EU says expert

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Think tank Bruges Group’s director Robert Oulds lashed out at the European Union for the frustration it is causing Northern Ireland the UK on trade. During an interview with Mr Oulds insisted the European Union was pleased with the disruption it was causing in Northern Ireland. He argued the EU has purposefully been behaving difficult post-Brexit with the UK over trade.

He called for the UK Government to push the EU into new talks and to scrap the Northern Ireland protocol.

Mr Oulds said: “The EU is still creating trouble in Northern Ireland.

“That would be pleasing them because they have had agenda there.

“The agenda is that the price of Brexit would be that Britain would lose Northern Ireland, that it would no longer cease to be an integral part of the UK.”

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Mr Oulds continued to attack the European Union for breaking up the United Kingdom in this Brexit trade war.

He said: “In trade terms, in many ways of trade, Northern Ireland is still part of the EU’s regulatory zone and customs union.

“It is a significant part of the United Kingdom, an integral part of the UK is under the writ of Brussels.

“That is inappropriate and is counter to the act of union which brought Ireland within the UK.

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“That key constitutional act and the judges do regard it as a constitutional act, it has in a sense been repealed.”

“Michel Barnier was quite clear in secret recordings of the negotiations.

“He said the price of Britain’s Brexit would be Northern Ireland, that cannot stand.”

Mr Oulds closed by insisting that the European Union was not just harming the UK as a whole but more specifically the people of Northern Ireland.


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He said: “It is actually harming the European Union’s policies towards Northern Ireland.

“It is harming the people of that province as they cannot get goods into the shops that they need.

“There have been riots as a result of it and it has created tension that needn’t be there.

“The European Union doesn’t seem to be acting, it seems the British Government needs to take action.”

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