‘EU wanted to keep UK CAPTIVE’ Biden urged to see through EU schemes to hamper Brexit UK

Biden: ‘Hopefully US President can see through EU’ says expert

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Economist and fellow at think tank-Centre for Brexit policy, Catherine Mcbride attacked the EU for their schemes on Northern Ireland. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Ms Mcbride insisted the EU wanted to keep the UK captive to force its products and regulations on the nation regardless of Brexit. She added the EU was never concerned about destabilising Ireland, Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Ms Mcbride implored Mr Biden to see through these schemes and rejuvenate the relationship with the US and UK as Brexit Britain strives to make a success of its independence from the EU.

Ms Mcbride said: “All the EU ever wanted was a way of forcing the UK to sign up to the EU’s SPS conditions, sanitary and phytosanitary regulations on animal and agricultural exports.

“The EU just wanted to keep the UK as a captive market for EU products.

“They never had any interest in peace, they just wanted to prevent the UK from signing trade agreements with countries like the US.

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“It is kind of incredible that the US would sign up to that.

“Hopefully Joe Biden can see through this now, he can see how the violence has erupted.

“Hopefully he can see how the EU, in most of the press, is singing this idea that ‘all you need to do is sign up to dynamic alignment with our regulations and it will all go away’.

“That was all the EU ever intended the Northern Ireland protocol to do.”

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Ms Mcbride also voiced her surprise the UK was duped into this arrangement.

She said: “This was just a massive elephant trap that could be seen from Mars,

“I really don’t know how UK politicians manage to fall into it.

“I actually suspect they didn’t fall into it.

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“I think they jumped in willingly as the ones in charge at the time wanted to remain in the EU.”

Ms Mcbride also highlighted the possibilities for the future UK and US relationship post-EU. 

She admitted the EU would remain a good and close trading partner for the UK but noted there were many opportunities for Brexit Britain.

She said a good trading arrangement could result in benefits for citizens and businesses in both the UK and US. 

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