Farage blasts out-of-touch Welby over Archbishops migration comments

Nigel Farage responds to Archbishop of Canterbury’s migration views

Nigel Farage slammed the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby after a keynote contribution in the Lords this afternoon attacking the Government’s plan to stop illegal small boat crossings. Justin Welby swiped at the Illegal Migrant Bill this lunchtime, calling it impractical and morally unacceptable. The Archbishop, fresh from crowning King Charles III on Saturday, added that the Bill will “damage the UK’s interests and reputation at home and abroad”.

Returning fire, Nigel Farage demanded Mr Welby comes clean and asked on his GB News show “how many millions more do you want” to come?

He even wrote to Lambeth Palace this afternoon asking whether the Archbishop wants any upper limit on the amount of ‘refugees’ coming to Britain, receiving a non-answer in response.

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Mr Farage condemned the faith leader as “completely and utterly out of touch”, saying he is “getting far too political”.

“Archbishop, surely your job – above all – is to look after your flock, your diminishing flock, in this country.

“And when they can’t get access to GP appointments, when they can’t actually manage to see their kids get on the housing ladder… when they see their journeys too and from work more difficult because of more traffic on the roads, Archbishop it’s down to a population explosion that is actually making the quality of life in this country for people poorer.”

Mr Farage asked Mr Welby: “How many millions more do you think we should accept in this country?”

Lambeth Palace referred Nigel Farage back to the Archbishop’s speech in the House of Lords.

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Nigel Farage also denied that politicians wanting to stop the boats were lacking in “compassion”, citing the half-a-million people allowed to come to the country as refugees from countries such as Afghanistan, Hong Kong and Ukraine.

“I don’t see how we can do any more than we are already doing”.

This evening, Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick said he “respectfully” disagreed with the Archbishop’s criticism of the Bill.

Mr Jenrick said: “We believe the British public support us in our efforts to stop the boats”.

Speaking to Channel 4 News he added: “If this was easy, if there were simple solutions, we would have done them already”

Tory MPs also rounded on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech.

Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith slammed the Mr Welby, tweeting: “I find it morally unacceptable that he isn’t offering to house them all himself. Another reason why the Lords needs serious reform.

“It’s no wonder the Church of England is losing members with such poor and out of touch leadership.”

Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson backed him up, saying: “Brendan is bang on the money again”.

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