Farce! Ann Widdecombe savages Brussels bureaucrats as she reflects on EU experience

Ann Widdecombe says EU experience was a 'farce'

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The former Brexit Party MEP had her head in her hands after GB News’ Andrew Doyle asked her to reflect on her time in the European Parliament. Speaking to the Free Speech Nation podcast, Ms Widdecombe set about explaining how the agonising “seven months” she spent as an MEP as she sat out her time until British MEP’s finally left the European Parliament was “every bit as bureaucratic as I thought it would be”.

Mr Doyle asked: “How did you find Brussels?”

Widdecombe closed her eyes in despair replying: “I’m very glad it was only for seven months!

“I was dreading it because every time the thing was put back I thought ‘there are a few more months of this’.”

Ms Widdecombe then set about destroying every aspect of the European Union as a political entity and institution.

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She slammed: “It was every bit of bureaucratic as I thought it would be

“It was hugely spendthrift, enormously spendthrift institution!

“Not remotely democratic, things are not decided by a vote in parliament.

“And you all speak for one minute each, well you can say a lot in a minute can’t you!”

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And in a brutal slapdown, she said: “I thought it was a farce!”

The conversation then moved on to how the Brexit Party and Leave leaning MEP’s were treated by other politicians in the European Parliament.

And in a surprising insight, Ms Widdecombe explained not all the attention they got was negative.

She explained: “The interesting thing is that people rather liked us!


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“We came along with a slight element of political hooliganism.

“When we left a lot of people said to us ‘we don’t agree with you’ but you have livened the place up.

“I think they were quite sad to see us go!”

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