Focus on growth outdated!? Nicola Sturgeon savaged over SNP economic plan for Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon sparks furious row with independence bid

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The leader of the Scottish Conservative Douglas Ross has savaged Ms Sturgeon over the SNP and Green Party’s plan for Scotland’s economy. Mr Ross argued that the SNP has granted more problems than they had created jobs in the 15 years they have been in power. 

Mr Ross told MSPs: “The First Minister also mentioned the economy and for 15 years that her Government’s been in charge Scotland’s economy has been stuck.

“This Government has created more problems than it’s ever created jobs.

“We’ve seen one major failure after another from Preswick Airport to Ferguson shipyard to Bi-Fab.

“And with this new strategy, the SNP are literally diagnosing probe problems that these themselves either created or made worse, and the first minister can even rely on support on the basis behind her because, in response to the launch of her Government’s economic strategy, Maggie Chapman MSP said ‘the Scottish Greens believe the focus on growth is outdated'”

“The focus on growth is outdated!? These are the same Greens that Nicola Sturgeon personally invited into her government, a party whose policy is actually to make Scotland poorer. “


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