GE2020 official results: PAP's Lim Biow Chuan wins Mountbatten SMC with 73.84% of votes

SINGAPORE – People’s Action Party incumbent Lim Biow Chuan has retained the single-member constituency of Mountbatten with a 73.84 per cent win, beating first-time candidate Sivakumaran Chellappa of the Peoples Voice party.

This will be Mr Lim’s third term as MP for Mountbatten SMC, which has 24,267 voters.

He first stood on his own as a candidate in 2011 after Mountbatten was hived off from the Marine Parade group representation constituency.

The 57-year-old had entered politics in 2006 as a member of the Marine Parade GRC team, which was awarded a walkover in the general election that year.

Mr Lim retained his seat in the July 10 polls with a higher margin than in 2015, when he won 71.86 per cent (15,331) of the votes.

During his campaign, Mr Lim often referred to Mountbatten residents as “family”, and thanked them for the privilege of serving them for so many years.

He told The Straits Times after a morning walkabout that he never took any vote for granted, despite having had extensive experience serving the constituency.

In his constituency political broadcast speech, Mr Lim said that reaching out to residents and engaging them are important for an MP, adding that he has reflected residents’ feedback to the Government to make Mountbatten a better place.

He cited how he got the Land Transport Authority to build two lifts for the pedestrian overhead bridge in Jalan Batu, so seniors could cross the road safely.

He also got the authorities to improve the safety of the Marine Parade roundabout, among other things.

The Peoples Voice party’s Mr Chellappa, a 57-year-old private educator, had claimed in his televised speech that people’s interests were often not represented to the Government.

In the previous two elections, Mr Lim faced lawyer Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss, who stood as a National Solidarity Party candidate in the 2011 General Election, and then as a Singapore People’s Party candidate in 2015.

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