Guy Verhofstadt brutally shut down after Trump outburst – ‘Still haven’t accepted Brexit!’

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The Belgian MEP retweeted a video of John McCain’s concession speech – which has reemerged on social media and been widely praised for his humility – after he lost the presidential election to Barack Obama in 2008. Mr Verhofstadt said: “This is how it should be done, @realDonaldTrump.”

But some Twitter users hit back at the MEP and accused him of failing to accept Brexit.

One commented: “You still haven’t accepted the outcome of the Brexit referendum.”

Another asked: “Like you graciously accepted the Brexit vote?”

A third blasted: “Democracy isn’t in your vocabulary.”

Another sarcastically added: “I remember the #remainer camp acting courteously and honourable when the #brexit vote was confirmed. There were no arguments, they just accepted defeat and got on with life. #imbeingsarcastic.”

A fifth fumed: “I can’t recall you accepting the outcome of the Brexit vote!”

One commented: “Glad to see you have found a role model for your concession speech, so please hurry up and use it, Guy, so that we can all see the back of you!”

Another wrote: “Or take the EU model, and not let the people elect any of those in power.”

One more added: “EU take note on Brexit.”

But other Twitter users agreed with Mr Verhofstadt, with one commenting: “Masterfully articulate, full of integrity and honesty, and desire for compromise. Where is that USA now?”

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Mr Verhofstadt’s tweet comes as Joe Biden is moving closer to victory in the presidential race.

The Democratic challenger has overtaken the lead in the battleground states of Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Mr Biden has called for calm and patience, while Mr Trump has made unsubstantiated claims of election fraud.

Speaking from the White House on Thursday, Mr Trump said: “If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes they can try to steal the election from us.”

Earlier, Mr Biden said, “democracy is sometimes messy, it sometimes requires a little patience”.

He added that he had “no doubt” he will eventually be declared the winner.

Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, he said: “Each ballot must be counted and that’s what we’re going to see going through now and that’s how it should be.”

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