He gave Russia the golden envelope Joe Bidens threat to Putin to backfire on NATO

Joe Biden 'disgraced' US at NATO summit says expert

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Ms Turner told Jeremy Vine: “He plainly doesn’t mean chemical weapons. He can’t do.

“But it has given Russia the golden envelope.”

She added: “They’re looking for an excuse. They will use them again.

They are a patent when it comes to what they do.”

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Commentator Matthew Stadlen added: “I actually disagree with that. First, I agree with you that he can’t possibly have meant that because for the President of the United States to say that he would use illegal weapons is completely unfathomable to me, right.

“But I weirdly and ironically, it may serve to deter Putin because he doesn’t want to have chemical weapons used against him.

“I was one of those people. I don’t know about you guys, who stayed up pretty much all night in the hope several nights in a row probably in the hope that Biden would be Trump there’s no doubt in my mind that Biden has not defiled the Office of the President of the way that Trump did.

“I don’t want Trump back anywhere near that office ever. But Biden has been awful and to misspeak, as I believe he did on something as important as this crisis is almost unforgivable.”

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President Joe Biden said on Thursday that if Russia were to use chemical weapons in its invasion of Ukraine, the United States would respond.

“We would respond, we would respond if he uses it. The nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use,” Biden said at a news conference in Brussels.

The White House National Security Council sent an internal memo to agencies on February 28 to create a strategy group to examine major geopolitical shifts that are occurring as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, officials said. A second group, known internally as the “Tiger Team,” is looking at what the next three months look like.

The strategy group is working “to monitor and mitigate risks, while considering how to advance and defend US interests,” one US official said.

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The teams are making contingency plans for various scenarios including Russia’s potential use of chemical or biological weapons; the targeting of U.S. security convoys; disruptions to global food supply chains; and the continued response to the growing refugee crisis, the official said.

The official would not speculate on how the United States might respond should Russia use weapons of mass destruction, but have made clear there would be a response.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said on CNN that it is incumbent on the United States to think about contingencies.

“We haven’t seen any indication that the Russians are prepared to use weapons of mass destruction inside Ukraine. If that were to happen there would be a significant response,” from both the United States and the international community, Mr Kirby said.

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