‘Horrific winter coming up’ Energy expert warns Boris Johnson over energy price cap rise

Cost of Living: Scorer warns of 'horrific' winter for some Brits

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Chief Executive of National Energy Action Adam Scorer has sounded alarm bells around skyrocketing energy prices and an upcoming “horrific winter” for people on the lowest incomes. Energy regulator Ofgem warned today that 12 million people could fall into fuel poverty by the end of the year if Boris Johnson’s Government fails to act on energy prices. And Ofgem’s announcement that the energy price cap – the price limit that energy suppliers can charge – will rise to £2,800 a year is devastating news to Mr Scorer.

Speaking to GB News’ Nigel Farage, Mr Scorer warned: “It’s the severity, the impact of this on the people on the lowest incomes.

“But also, the least efficient home, difficult and expensive to heat who are going to have the prospect of a horrific winter coming up with not just financial hardship but serious ill-health, serious mental ill-health.

“And we know that we lose 10,000 people every year directly because of the effects of a cold home.”

When asked about his reaction to the increase in energy price cap, Mr Scorer said: “It’s not a surprise.

“It’s possibly a little worse than we thought it might have been.

“These are some of the most sobber assessments.

“But as you rightly say, it’s a continuum of price shocks that had started in October last year are going to stretch, it looks like into the winter and till January next year.

“And it’s a problem of breadth and depth.

“And it’s brought many more people into fuel poverty – you’re right the definition of fuel poverty having to spend 10 percent of their income.

“You’re absolutely right as well the depth as well.”

Nigel Farage then asked: “What in practical terms can people do?”

Mr Scorer replied: “There’s actually very little.

“So, advice organisations like myself have, we have lots of people phoning looking for support and help.

“And there’s little, there’s a few hints you can do: turn your thermostat down a degree, get some reflected material behind your radiator, fill the gaps, talk to your supplier if you’re in debt.

“But to be honest when it’s this scale, the cost of heating a home has doubled, more than doubled over an 18-month period.

“For people who aren’t on fixed income, there’s no way through it.”

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Mr Scorer continued: “Sadly, it means the government have to step forward, and they put it off, to be honest.

“We’ve had gestures rather than proportionate responses.

“This time, they need to do the basics, which is put money in the pockets of the people on the lowest incomes or take money directly off their bills.

“No loans, no grants that are difficult to get hold of. Direct financial assistance to people who need it the most”, Mr Scorer said in a plea to the Government.

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