How are you Conservative? Phillips rages at Javid over freedom curbs in brutal clash

Sajid Javid challenged by Trevor Phillips during interview clash

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In a stinging clash with Sky News presenter Trevor Phillips, Health Secretary was skewered for his party’s political leanings as the Government presides over numerous policies which go against traditional conservative ideas such as a rise in taxation, huge investment in the public healthcare system and personal liberties. 

Mr Phillips slammed: “It was reported this weekend that the Prime Minister wants to stay in Downing Street another decade.

“Obviously if the electorate is going to decide that but they are going to want to know why he wants to stay there.

“And there is a curious thing here, you spend trillions of public money, You intrude on individual freedom down to telling us what we can and cannot wear on our faces.

“And you boast about defending the most socialist health system in Europe. What exactly is conservative about the Tories right now?!”

But Mr Javid hit back: “You talk about the intrusion of freedom and you are right to raise that. We should never intrude on people’s freedom unless there 

“What we have seen in the last few years in the government respond to a global emergency, respond with the most successful vaccination programme the world has ever seen.

“Including breaking a manifesto promise that shows people just how responsible and serious this government is about meeting the people’s challenges… we have done that in a responsible way by being honest!”

He added: “But we are always looking to make sure that as a country we support businesses and the economy… there is no doubt that as we see that growth we can make the changes that a Conservative government wishes to do so.”

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