How DARE you! BBC QT audience member utterly annihilates Tory MP over Afghan exit fail

Afghanistan: Question Time audience member slams Cleverly

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James Cleverly came to blows with a BBC Question Time audience member after he was asked why the UK had an entry strategy into Afghanistan but not an exit plan. While the Conservative minister listed off the different plans to resettle Afghans in light of the Taliban taking over, a woman in the crowd demanded a proper answer and accused Mr Cleverly of ignoring the issue. She added if the UK’s plans were effective then they would “not be having this conversation” as Question Time turned into a tense showdown between the two guests.

Speaking on Question Time, Mr Cleverly attempted to address the issue of the UK’s exit strategy after criticisms state the Government never had a plan. 

Mr Cleverly was asked to address these accusations and told the BBC show: “In April, we set up a scheme to let Afghan interpreters and similar people to leave Afghanistan.

“We’ve resettled over 3,300 people through that scheme and their families…”

But an audience member was heard interjecting “don’t keep carrying on” and demanded Mr Cleverly answered for the UK’s lack of an exit strategy. 

She was also heard shouting “this is just rhetoric” with host Fiona Bruce pressuring Mr Cleverly to answer the question. 

He suggested he was but the audience member once again interrupted and asked: “How materially effective is that?

“Because if it was effective, we wouldn’t be having this conversation today would we? 

“How dare you, how dare you.”

Taking to Twitter one viewer said of the spat: “This woman is all of us right now. James Cleverly has been utterly annihilated by her.

“Articulate, passionate and actually, I’d vote for her. #BBCQT.”


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